Online Live Dealer Casino Games In Sri Lanka

There is a straightforward simplicity to playing software versions of casino games. The interfaces are crisp and clean, the action unfolds at the desired pace, and everything is decided by RNG. But a software game will never really acknowledge a win. Software also won’t feel real, no matter how good the graphics are. For all of these reasons and more live dealer casinos are quickly gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. But is there really any benefits to playing at live casinos, or is it all just unwarranted hype?

Are There Any Benefits To Live Casinos?

The short answer is that, yes, there are plenty of benefits to live dealer games!

Sri Lankans are choosing live casinos because of the unmatched authenticity provided. No RNG is used, real professional croupiers host the games, and the broadcast studio is designed to be as close to a land-based establishment as possible. Some live dealer games are even broadcast from inside a real casino, providing ambience that simply can’t be faked.

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So, if you want authentic, realistic land-based casino action in your home, or even in the palm of your hand, that’s what you’ll get!

How Do Live Casinos Work?

The concept is easy to understand. With broadband internet now being more widely accessible than ever, it is possible for live video feeds to be broadcast across the world. This means that a casino game can be hosted in a studio, and you are able to place bets on the outcomes in real time. It is an impressive technical achievement, though does come with notable drawbacks.

The biggest, and most obvious drawback is that you must have a stable enough internet connection to receive the feed. Though, with this requirement achieved the doors of convenience are instantly thrown open. It is even possible to bet on live dealer casinos on a mobile device, assuming that the internet connection is strong enough. So you may not only get the most authentic version of an online casino possible, you may even enjoy the action at home, on a basic smartphone.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games

The games that Sri Lankans choose to play at live dealer casinos are fairly predictable. Since it is table games that benefit the most from authenticity, they are the most popular at live casinos. Live Poker, live Baccarat, live Roulette and live Blackjack receive the bulk of the attention. These live versions operate using traditional rules, making the experience as close to a land based operation as possible. Though some live versions do have a few new interesting rules of their own, adding a dash of unpredictability.

But live entertainment isn’t entirely about living up to expectations. A few major companies have decided to go into completely unexplored territory, launching what is being referred to as Game Show online entertainment. These games aim to create a real Game Show experience, with players able to participate as the action unfolds. It’s a truly unique idea, opening up a new landscape of possibilities. Game Show gambling may or may not be your cup of tea, but the unique form of entertainment certainly deserves a closer look.

How To Find The Best Live Casinos

You’ve probably already noticed that Sri Lanka has a ton of online casinos to choose from. This is good as far as freedom of choice is concerned, but how do you know where to even start? By reading reviews, of course. Our professional team of reviewers is active 24 hours a day, sniffing out the newest Sri Lanka online casinos, trying them out, and reporting what they find right here. So instead of trawling the internet for hours, hoping to find good deals, you can just read our reviews.

Make no mistake, our reviewers take the job very seriously. When they write a review it is completely without bias, and to a very strict set of standards. They check out the game selection, test the customer support, and pay special attention to deals and promotions. Plus, of course, they also play live casino games. Whatever they find, they’ll let you know in a comprehensive review.


Yes, some sites have tournaments specifically for live dealer games. This means that you can get extra prizes just for playing the games you love.

Of course. Live casino games are played by traditional rules, so any valid strategy guide will work.

Live games don’t operate using Random Number Generators (RNG.) They are 100% authentic.

Some casinos have bonuses specific to live games. Though Bonus Cash will normally work with any games, including those that are live.