Online Video Poker

For year’s poker remained a favourite card game of Sri Lankans and players across the globe. In the late 1970’s IGT created a new form of the game, an electronic version that required players to simply they and attain the best hand. This new game was called video poker and in the intervening years it’s made the hugely successful transition from the casino floor to the online environment. Online video poker combines a real time poker game with the speed of a slots machine and delivers an exciting and action packed form of entertainment that can be very rewarding. We have listed some of the best Sri Lankan video poker online casinos for you to choose from to ensure a fast and secure deposits and withdrawals as well as loads of online casino bonuses and promotions.

When you’re ready to venture into the exciting world of online video poker there are a few thing you need to know before diving in head first. The video poker games has a slots machine feel to it, and you won’t be playing against any other players, in essence you’ll be playing against yourself. You’ll first need to select the amount you would like to bet and then concentrate on the sequence of cards you will receive. The same as in regular poker you will be dealt 5 cards and its then up to you to arrange your cards to reach the best possible hand. You will have the choice to discard some cards if they’re of no use and replace them with new ones.

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Bets range from between 1 to 5 credits depending on what you choose. The higher your bet is the more chance you have of winning, so if you have a bit of extra LKR this is the video poker games to use it in.

Online Video Poker Hand Combinations

There really isn’t that much difference between online video poker and poker, the winning hand combinations remain constant. As a refresher hand combinations include one pair where 2 of your cards will be of the same rank, two pair where you will need 2 pairs of the same rank, three of a kind which is where 3 cards are of the same rank, a straight which is where all 5 of your cards increase in rank consecutively regardless of suit, a flush where all 5 of your cards are of the same suit, a full house which is a combination of a two pair and three of a kind, a four of a kind is when 4 of your cards are the same rank, a straight flush is when all 5 of your cards increase in rank and have the same suit, and a royal flush is exactly the same as the straight flush except it starts with an Ace.

Video Poker Online Game Variations

There is more than 1 type of online video poker game that you can choose to play. You can play a single hand game which is just one hand of cards, or you can choose a multi hand game where you’ll be playing with more than 1 hand. Of course playing a multi hand game increases your chances of winning naturally, so once you’ve mastered the hand combinations go for this one.

There are also progressive video poker games you can play, the winnings are a lot larger being attached to jackpots.

Choose one of the top Sri Lankan online casinos listed on our site and discover for yourself just how exciting and rewarding video poker online can be!