Online Sic bo in Sri Lanka

Sic bo has been around for many years first derived from the Chinese. Its popularity has ensured that it’s made its way to land based as well as online casinos. This Sic bo game is played with dice and depends a lot on the number sequences it lands on once rolled. Look on our website for a list of Sic bo online casinos suitable for Sri Lankan players. Only the best has been listed taking into consideration fast and secure banking transactions as well as loads of online casino bonuses and promotions to take advantage of.

At first glance you will see a board laced with numbers and dice faces. You might be turned off by the complex look of the game but that really could be further from the truth. This age old game is quite simple to grasp once you understand how to play the Sic bo game. Sic bo online is played with 3 dice; the dice will be scrambled in a virtual metal cage and released onto the board. The values that the dice land on are what predict your fate. Before the dice is rolled you will need to place a bet on what you think the outcome of the dice roll will be, if you’ve predicted correctly you have one the round.

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The aim of the Sic bo game is to predict how much the dice will total up to once rolled. All 3 dice will land on a certain number, add those numbers up and that’s what you will bet on. You can bet on more than just that including the total value of all 3 dice, a single number, any 2 specific numbers, or a combination of numbers that the dice will land on. Online Sic bo pays out quite handsomely starting from 1:1 to 180:1 payouts. You can place more than one bet to increase your chances of winning.

Winning Online Sic bo Bets

Knowing the Sic bo odds when playing any online casino game is paramount when planning a big win. It’s said that betting on numbers 8, 10, 11 and 13 have the lowest payouts so you might want to skip these if you’re new to online Sic bo. The single bet is when you predict that the dice will land on one specific number, if its correct the payout is 1:1, if 2 of the dice land on that number the payout will be 2:1, and if by chance all 3 of the dice land on that number the payout will be 12:1. A double bet is when you predict that 2 of the dice will land on the same number; the payout in this case is 10:1. A triple bet is when you predict that all 3 of the dice lands on a set of numbers, the payout here is 180:1, if you place a bet that all 3 of the dice land on the same number i.e. a triple the payout will be 30:1. The ‘small and big’ bet is when you predict that the 3 dice will total an amount between 4 – 10 or between 11 – 17. If you bet on a combination bet which is predicting that the dice will land on 2 specific numbers the payout here will be 6:1. A total bet is when you predict that the total of all 3 dice will equal between 4 – 17.

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